Research Overview

At the core of what we often to term The Omnium Project, is a commitment to ongoing research, conducted by a collective of people around the globe, into Online Collaboration and Creativity (OCC). Most commonly based within the realms of education for visual artists and designers, Omnium has strived to remain in ‘sync’ with the many ways that creative professionals now embrace and incorporate collaboration and online technologies into contemporary working practices.

As well as producing and hosting an ever growing series of online creative projects for people around the globe, (many of which are viewable in the Projects section) Omnium also frequently publishes papers and presents at national and international education, online learning and software development conferences and seminars. Funded by a succession of research grants, income from Omnium Software services, as well as accepting commercial design commissions, Omnium’s ongoing research strives to make it easier for individuals to learn, network or work creatively, in teams that may never actually meet in person.


Omnium draws on a wealth of experience from a dedicated team of academics and professionals with a diverse range of disciplinary knowledge and skills.

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Since 1999, Omnium has been at the forefront of research into online collaboration and creativity through a series of fully online projects involving researchers, academics, professionals and students from all around the globe. This catalogue of projects showcases outcomes and offers you the chance to visit the online projects themselves.

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Omnium is regularly invited to present at a number of national and international education, online learning and software development conferences. You can details of these presentations here.

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Omnium’s continued research into online creative communities has led to a number of academic publications over the years. You can see the complete list and download papers here.

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Grants & Awards

Omnium has received many accolades since it started in 1998. You can find a list and short explanation of each in this section.

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Omnium fervently believes in learning from the work of others who are either studying in similar fields or experimenting with the creation of online creative art and design environments.

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