Omnium Grants & Awards

Since its formation in 1998, Omnium has received numerous grants and awards for its innovations, research, online projects and software design. Within this section you can view a list and short explanation of each.

Omnium’s Research Grant Funding


Australian Learning and Teaching Council Competitive Grant

Learning to teach online: developing high-quality video and text resources to help educators teach online

UNSW Early Career Research Program

Culturally adaptive online pedagogy: Developing and evaluating culturally appropriate online pedagogy for trans-national collaborative design education.


UNSW Faculty Research Infrastructure Grant

Developing an Online Tool for Enabling User-centric Portability and Integration Across Multiple Sites

UNSW Early Career Research Program

Culture and online pedagogy: A comparative analysis of the effectiveness of media in cross-cultural online art and design education.


Learning & Teaching Performance Fund Proposal

Planning, Infrastructure Provision and Establishment of the UNSW Academy of Online Art and Design Education.

Early Career Researcher Grant

Evaluating impact and affects that issues associated with time have on student motivation within fully online learning and teaching communities.


UNSW Research Infrastructure Block Grant

Computer Programming: to secure and upscale the Omnium technical infrastructure and safeguard the Omnium Software Suite.


UNSW Faculty Research Grant

Harnessing the popularity of instant messaging systems, to improve socialisation, interaction and the overall learning experience for students studying online.

UNSW Postgraduate Learning and Teaching Grant

Improving accessibility, engagement and experience in art and design postgraduate (coursework) study: Towards a model for course-specific online information literacy.


Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Grant

The Omnium Project: Formalising a System and Approach for an Effective Online Collaborative Design Process in Visual Communication.


UNSW Faculty Research Grant

A research and development project to improve ‘synchronous’ [live] interaction and collaboration, between geographically distanced [design] students studying together online.

COFA Faculty Research Grant

Comparing traditional face to face Design Studio education with modern initiatives that aim to efficiently teach creativity and design exclusively via the internet.


Australian Research Council (ARC) Small Grant

Om’nium [vds]:Virtual Design Studio ’99: A project involving international design students working collaboratively using the internet as their communication tool.


COFA Faculty Research Grant

The Design Studio: A critical analysis of university 'design studio' practice; identifying facilitative strategies to improve teaching & learning outcomes.


COFA Faculty Research Grant

A collection of data concerning approaches & practices relating specifically to first year Art & Design curricula in Australian tertiary education institutions.

Omnium’s Award Achievements


Carrick Australian Award for University Teaching

This is an award for pioneering internationally recognized best practice in online education in the creative arts and design.

Commendation from the Australian University Quality Agency (AUQA)

AUQA commends UNSW for good practice in systematisation of online delivery in the College of Fine Arts and innovation in online collaborative education through the Omnium Project.


The Ascilite President's Award for 'exemplary application of ICT to teaching and learning in tertiary education'

Omnium received this award for its innovation in the usage of technology to build an high quality and effective online learning environment and Creative Waves Project.


Australian Council of University Art & Design Schools (ACUADS) Distinguished Teaching Award

This award was given to Omnium for its high achievement and success in running a number of international and local online collaboration projects in 1999 to 2004.

UNSW Learning & Teaching Award 2004 – COFA Online/COFA Library

The award was granted for creating a high standard online library information literacy guide.


UNSW Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence using Educational Technology

Omnium achieved this award for an innovative design in education platform and high-quality standard of its teaching and learning projects.

Nomination by UNSW for Australian University Teaching Committee's (AUTC) Prime Minister's Teaching Award

This award was nominated for the high level standard which the Omnium projects achieve in its first 2 years


UNSW Sir Anthony Mason Scholarship Awarded to Professor Thomas Kvan, Dean of Architecture, Hong Kong University

Professor Kvan was awarded the scholarship to research pedagogical issues arising from Omnium Projects' first international collaboration in 1999.

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