Omnium is always looking to expand the collective of people with whom it shares and undertakes its research work. This is by no means restricted to working with people in the same location, as many of our close colleagues reside in different countries. We are always glad to hear from people who share our commitment to online collaboration and creativity. There are a number of ways you can become involved with us and extend the work we are doing.

Project Proposals

If you have any proposals or plans for forming an online creative project with some sort of research perspective, then there are many ways we can collaborate. In the past, this has included joining forces on research grant applications, co-hosting projects, co-writing papers and articles or simply asking us to help you providing software for your project. If you wish to investigate such opportunities further then use the Contact button to get in touch with us.

Postgraduate Opportunities

Having recently become a formal research group within the College of Fine Arts at The University of New South Wales (Australia), it is now possible for us to supervise postgraduate students in Masters (Research), MPhil or PhD studies. We operate similarly to a science laboratory that offers research opportunities. If students wish to align their research studies with our own work into online collaborative creativity (OCC), then we are happy to discuss proposals. If an idea progresses to enrollment we can assign academic supervisors to those projects.

Projects may include research into areas such as:

  • e-learning
  • collaborative creativity
  • online communities
  • software design for online communities

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