Omnium Research Papers

Omnium’s continued research into online creative communities has led to a number of academic and mainstream publications over the years. In this section you can see the complete list and download some of the papers. We welcome the citation of any of our papers but would appreciate it if you contacted us to let us know where and when.


2009 - Mcarthur, I.

Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal

Title: The Collabor8 Project: Realities Within Design-Based Online Cross-Cultural Collaboration

2009 - Mcarthur, I.

DesignEd Asia 2008 Conference, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China

Title: East West Collaboration in Online Pedagogy


2008 - Liu, X., Bonk, C. J., McIntyre, S., & Magjuka, R.

Title: An Investigation of the relationship between Flow in Computer-Mediated Interaction and Virtual Learning Team Effectivenes

2008 - Mcarthur, I.

AGDA Research Journal, Visual:Design:Scholarship Volume 3, Number 2, 2007, pp.26–38

Title: Learning continuums: Emerging paradigms

2008 - McIntyre, S.

3rd International Conference on e-Learning Conference Proceedings

Title: Leap of Faith: Effective Steps for Establishing Online Collaborative Learning Initiatives


2007 - McIntyre, S. McArthur, I. & Watson, K.

ConnectEd Conference Proceedings - UNSW, Sydney, Australia

Title: Preparing Students for the Global Workplace: An Examination of Collaborative Online Learning Approaches.

2007 - McIntyre, S.

2007 UNSW Compendium of Good Practice in Learning and Teaching, Issue 5 - UNSW, Sydney, Australia

Title: Evaluating Online Assessment Practice in Art and Design.


2006 - Polaine, A. & Bennett, R.

Enhancing Curricula: 3rd International conference, Lisbon, Portugal

Title: Online collaboration and creative processes.

ISBN: 0-9541439-5-7

2006 - Polaine, A.

2006 Enhancing Curricula: 3rd International conference, Lisbon, Portugal

Title: Afterword:Treating change within Art & Design education as a design problem.

ISBN: 0-9541439-5-7


2005 - Bennett, R. & Dziekan, V.

ETD2005, 8th International Electronic Theses and Dissertations Symposium Proceedings - UNSW, Sydney, Australia

Title: Forming online communities of students, educators and professionals to explore collaborative modes of creative interaction and practice.

2005 - Bennett, R. & Dziekan, V.

Designs on E-Learning International Conference Proceedings: The University of the Arts, London, England

Title: Online Collaboration in the Creative Process: Working With the Most Interactive Community of Designers We Have [N]ever Met.

ISBN: 1-903455-09-X


2004 - Bennett, R. & Dunphy, E.

FutureGround International Design Research Conference Proceedings 2004, Monash University, November

Title: Meeting Pluralist Demands With A Pluralist Response The Omnium Project: offering an online collaborative design response to an increasingly diversified, interconnected and pluralist world

ISBN: 0-9756060-2-6

2004 - Bennett, R., Chan, L. & Polaine, A.

ACUADS Conference Proceedings, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

Title: The Future Has Already Happened: Dispelling Some Myths of Online Education

ISBN: 0-7315-3040-3

2004 - Bennett, R. & McIntyre, S.

ACUADS Conference Proceedings, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

Title: Encouraging Quality and Purpose in Online Art and Design Education

ISBN: 0-7315-3040-3


2003 - Bennett, R. & Broadfoot, O.

Apple University Consortium Academic and Developers Conference Proceedings 2003, pp 9-21

Title: Design Studios: Online?

ISBN: 0-947209-34-4

2003 - Bennett, R.

Create.Ed 2003 Conference Proceedings, pp 2-14, RMIT Publishing

Title: The Omnium Project: Proposing a Framework for Creative Online Interaction

ISBN: 0-86459-291-4


2001 - Bennett, R.

Education, Communication and Information: Vol1 No.1. link page: 104, Open University (UK) & Harvard (USA) Taylor and Francis/Routledge Press.

Title: Omnium: A Research Initiative Proposing Strategies for Quality, Collaborative On-Line Teaching and Learning

ISSN: 1463-631X


2000 - Bennett, R.

CTI Art and Design (2000): Outline Vol9. link page:17, College Hill Press Ltd.

Title: Presenting an On-Line Future for tertiary [Design] Education - Om'nium [vds]: virtual design studio'99

ISSN: 1365-4349

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