Internship Opportunities

The Omnium Research Group offers a limited number of paid internships for young designers in their final years of study. This is mainly (but not exclusively) offered as part of the Professional Experience Program for the Bachelor of Design at the College of Fine Arts.

Interns commonly present with strong conceptual training and preliminary technical skills but have had little opportunity to gain experience in the work environment. Omnium fosters the professional, communication and organisation skills of it’s interns by providing them with the opportunity to work within real briefs, deadlines and clients.

The next intake of interns is expected to be in July/August 2009. But expressions of interest are accepted at any time, particularly when accompanied with a cover letter, resume and/or sample work.

Greta Stevens
B Design (Candidate)

Greta joined the Omnium design team as an intern in early 2009 after completing her final design project at the College of Fine Arts.

Using her prior interests in exhibition design, Greta found Omnium allowed her to reinforce this established understanding of working innovatively within defined parameters of the space, existing designs and deadlines. As a result of her internship, Greta was able to experience the importance of cohesive teamwork and collaboration with the whole design process and its potential implications locally, nationally and internationally as is expressed in the work at Omnium.

Through the valuable professional experience gained at Omnium, Greta is establishing more direction within her graphic design career and anticipates working in building and creating corporate graphic identities in the future.

Julia Guo
B Design (Candidate)

Julia is completing her final year of graphic design and textiles at the College of Fine Arts, and has been freelancing in graphic design and photography. In 2007, she studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy in the Netherlands.

Omnium’s global outlook and integrated approach appealed to Julia. She joined Omnium as an intern in early 2009. Throughout this time she has enjoyed working in the nurturing and collaborative environment and has further developed her technical and conceptual design skills. Julia is excited to pursue a career in the design industry.

Hannah Young
B Science (Psychology), University of Queensland
B Design (Hons) (Candidate)

Hannah has a Bachelor of Science in the field of Psychology and is now fulfilling the final component of a Bachelor of Design at COFA, majoring in Environments and Textiles. Hannah chose to pursue an Omnium internship in order to extend her technical skills and graphics experience in an environment that embraces socially aware and ethically responsible design.

Hannah recently took a break from her internship upon receiving a prestigious scholarship from the British Council to participate in Richard Goodwin’s Porosity Studio in Cardiff, Wales. It was an amazing opportunity to work on an integrated, multi-disciplinary project with students and professionals from Asia, Australia and the UK.

Niki Orenstein
B Design (Hons) (Candidate)

Niki began her internship with the Omnium Design Studio in 2008, while studying her fourth year of design at the College of Fine Arts. The opportunity to work on Omnium Outreach projects particularly appealed to Niki, who weaves fostering socially aware and ethically responsive outcomes throughout her art and design.

Since beginning her internship, Niki has collaborated with her fellow interns on numerous web-oriented projects that provided her the opportunity to improve her technical and communication skills, work efficiently to deadlines and gain experience in client relations. Overall, Niki has thoroughly enjoyed the open, challenging and collaborative approach of Omnium.

Niki is currently designing and co-ordinating the website for the Omnium Outreach Philippines project which involves liaising between the Omnium team, COFA designers, College of Saint Benilde and PML embroiderers.

Nicole Lugano
B Design (Hons)

Nicole has just completed her Bachelor of Design degree (with Honours) at the College of Fine Arts. Prior to joining Omnium, she headed the design department for Metal Art, designing products for a major Australian home and giftware manufacturer and supplier.

Nicole’s main focus is her research practice into design and social studies. This is what attracted her to the Omnium Research Group - an interest in research and social-awareness projects around the world. She is currently very keen on extending her social studies in design, especially if there’s travelling involved.

Evan Papageorgiou
B Design (Hons) (Candidate)

Evan joined the Omnium design team as an intern in early 2007 whilst studying a Bachelor of Design at the College of Fine Arts. His internship solidified the importance of the ‘big idea’ behind the design, that the concept is the driving creative force of communication to the viewer. The opportunity to design for real clients also enabled Evan to gain valuable experience in creating solutions that fulfill the specific needs of the client.

Since completing his internship he is currently undertaking his honours year.

Tiffany Nguyen
B Design (Hons)

Tiffany joined the Omnium team in 2007 whilst studying design at the College of Fine Arts. It provided her with an opportunity to work to deadlines, meet with clients and refine her technical skills, in particular the specifics of designing for print.

Upon completion of her internship she has been travelling, visiting old buildings in different cities and has begun freelancing as both a textiles and graphic designer.

Mary Landrak
B Design

Mary completed her Bachelor of Design at UNSW College of Fine Arts in 2008, majoring in graphics and textiles. Design was a second career for Mary, following quite a few years working in the ‘creative side’ of the finance world: marketing foreign exchange products for a major Australian bank in Sydney, Melbourne, and London. A lifelong interest in design and the arts led this dramatic career change that required quite a shift in re-wiring the neural pathways. However, retaining a bit of left brain function seems to come in quite handy in a design studio.

Anne-Louise Dadak
B Design (Hons)

After studying and working in Berlin, Anne-Louise returned to the College of Fine Arts to complete the final year of her Bachelor of Design degree. Majoring in the two fields of graphics and textiles, it was Anne-Louise's interests in education and promoting socially aware design that has led her to work with the Omnium team.

Charles Santoso
B Design

Charles Santoso graduated from the College of Fine Arts (COFA) in 2004 with a Bachelor of Design. He received a certificate of Merit from the Dean for his high academic achievement and contribution to School of Design Studies and Faculty. Charles studied Graphic, Environment and Object design whilst focusing on Digital Illustration in his free time.

Charles joined The Omnium Project in 2004 as in intern where he worked on everything from websites, book covers, CD covers, booklets, brochures, logos and posters, to designing icons for interfaces. He was also actively involved in the production and facilitation of major online projects such as Creative Waves 2005.

Charles simultaneously formed his own studio, Alfa Creative, and worked as a freelance artist illustrating cards for an upcoming Trading Card game and characters, spaceships and vehicles for Seven Seals Saga project, a sci-fi action comic. Charles left Omnium in 2007 to pursue a career as a digital artist at Animal Logic but still teaches for COFA Online.

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