Omnium Web Design Projects

Client‘s seeking to employ the web can expect design and programming expertise from the Omnium team. We offer a diverse range of media, from stylised websites designed to suit any visual identity to more interactive interfaces that incorporate the Omnium software, sustaining the formation of online communities and networks.

Boracay Insurance Services - ARPCS, Philippines

The client required a static website for their insurance services subsidiary, Boracay Insurance Services. Boracay Insurance Services is a service provided by ARPCS (Aklan Real Estate & Property Consultancy Services) on the island of Boracay in the Philippines. The main features of the site are the large, striking images of Boracay and the forms designed for potential clients to easily get in touch with the client.

UNSW myStart / reStart - University of New South Wales

The myStart and reStart is an academic orientation program for new and returning students at the University of New South Wales. This website helps new students gain the skills and support they need for successful study, while providing services and programs for returning students to achieve their goals. This site is designed as a creative and practical hub for integrating parts of student orientation.

[e]merge Philippines - Omnium Outreach Project

[e]merge is an Omnium Outreach project creating a fully online community between Australia and the Philippines. Rick Bennett (Director of Omnium) has facilitated the [e]merge project, working alongside a group of fourth year design students from the College of Fine Arts, Sydney. The students have designed a range of embroidered products that aim to further commercial business opportunities for the collective of women embroiderers (PML) in Lumban. This website, powered by Omnium Software, allows you to see the latest News, Design Development and behind the scenes work of Omnium Outreach: Philippines.

Triune Uganda - Omnium Outreach Project

Triune is the first international fully online education initiative designed to link students, teachers and professionals from Health Sciences disciplines globally with a rural community in Uganda. The website fosters unified health messages between traditional healers, medical practitioners and church leaders in Uganda. The website design needed to be primarily informative and easily accessible for potential students and applicants, as well as the platform to enter the project at it’s commencement in April 2009. The Triune Uganda Project is powered by Omnium Software.

The Low Down Newsletter - University of New South Wales

The Low Down is the online newsletter for students at the University of New South Wales. The Low Down is authored by Professor Joan Cooper and includes a consistent newsreel embedded with articles that are relevant to current University events.

UNSW Co-op Program - University of New South Wales

The UNSW Co-operative Program provides industry experience, leadership and professional development, networking, mentoring and financial support for high achievers in selected programs at the University of New South Wales. The design for this sight needed to express a colourful, energetic and professional image that can link students, staff sponsors and graduates through university experiences.

zMail - University of New South Wales

zMail is the online email portal for students and staff at the University of New South Wales. The “z” represents the prefix for student identification number and their email address and drove the concept of “zebra” which was incorporated in the user-friendly design.

White Rabbit - Contemporary Chinese Art Collection

White Rabbit is a new art gallery opening up in Sydney in late 2008. The gallery is a private collection of contemporary Chinese art, which will be on show, free to the public in an entirely new art space, currently under construction in Chippendale (a suburb in Sydney’s inner west).

The art works have been collected by the Neilson Foundation, with all artwork created after 2000. There will be 70 artists represented, and over 500 works of art.

In addition creating the visual identity for the new gallery, Omnium were asked to design a website for the gallery. The client wanted to use their website not only as a showcase for their collection, but also as a forum for artists, art enthusiasts, collectors, teachers, students, and anyone interested in contemporary Chinese art.

PVC (Students) - Portfolio of Professor Joan Cooper

The PVC (Students) website is the portfolio of Professor Joan Cooper. This site provides students with general information about their experience at UNSW, such as academic and marketing information. It also serves as a portal to other useful links such as timetable, calendars and newsletters.

UNSW Scholarships - University of New South Wales

The UNSW Scholarships website serves as an informative and active stage for high school levers, current undergraduate and postgraduate students looking for scholarships at UNSW.

UNSW Pro Vice-Chancellor Newsletter - University of New South Wales

PVC Pipeline is the Pro-vice Chancellor, Prof. Joan Cooper’s, newsletter for staff at University of New South Wales. This design needed to reflect the identity of UNSW, while retaining its own individuality, this site is powered by Omnium Software.

COFA Redevelopment - University of New South Wales

The main function of this website is to create an active forum to keep students, staff and the public community updated on the process of the College of Fine Arts redevelopment in Paddington, Sydney. The site needed to provide an opportunity for feedback and questions as well as include detailed images and plans of the project’s progress.

myUNSW - University of New South Wales

The myUNSW portal creates a network between all facets of the University of New South Wales. It was important to create a system that incorporates a friendly, inviting and informative environment that is easy to navigate by future and current students, alumni and the general university community.

UNSW Handbook - University of New South Wales

The UNSW Handbook, one of the closely linked pages to myUNSW, informs future and prospective students of all the courses offered at the University. This site required a clear navigation system using colour, line and visual references between pages.

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